Overarching goals

i guess these are my goals in life or what’s left of it anyway


Reducing pain and suffering

i don’t know why

i just feel it’s a right goal

i don’t know whether what should be reduced should be the average (per human), median, total, minimun, maximum, something else

chuis un empathique de naissance: j’ai une capacité à absorber la souffrance des autres… en fait nan… j’ai une incapacité à ne pas absorder la souffrance des autres qui est folle.


and it’s exhausting; selfish goal

Saving time

Of all the resources, time is the only one that cannot be replaced. With enough energy or other resources, matter can be replaced, transformed, recovered sometimes. time cannot

So it’s important to not lose it, to not have it lost, wasted


Goals are in that order: reducing pain and suffering first, saving time last

Saving time is not worth anyone’s harm

note to others

i hope you’ll get to set more joyful and ambitious goals for yourselves